Kennard Park Sculpture Trail 2016

Kennard Park and Recreation | Newton Parks and Recreation | MA


Pavilion of the Sun

This is a site specific sculpture installation utilizing one existing piece, Red Gate, and one currently under construction, Sun Pavilion, with an open dome top. Sited near the park entrance, to the left of the road as you enter, the tall red gate offers a dramatic greeting and salutation.  The gate is 15 feet high, made of welded aluminum, powder-coated red and installed in three sections. Sun Pavilion is 14 feet high, also aluminum and red. It will be sited on a rise at the edge of the lawn space,  directly behind the red gate.  The backdrop to the Sun Pavilion is the great stand of tall pine trees at the property's edge. Of particular importance will be the sight-lines as you look through the gate toward the Sun Pavilion. There is an interactive element: on the inner face of each column inside the pavilion will be a mirrored surface of stainless steel that will reflect the sunlight along with the faces and bodies of visitors.

    Both sculptures will be secured to the ground using long earth anchors, fastened with a pneumatic power ratchet. The gate will also have a concrete footing of 400 pounds under one column that bolts into the base. For shipping and rigging, I use the light boom truck of Jaynes Industrial Movers, as the weight of the aluminum is very modest. The rigging itself and bolting the top element to the Gate's columns can be done in under an hour. The red gate has been successfully installed in two public setting. It conveys something aspirational, both spiritual and monumental. The Sun Pavilion has the promise of something ceremonial and celestial, open to the sky.

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