Kennard Park Sculpture Trail 2016

Kennard Park and Recreation | Newton Parks and Recreation | MA

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In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote the environmental science book Silent Spring, documenting the detrimental affects on our environment—in particular on birds. Her conclusion was that this was because of our indiscriminate use of pesticides. This is the concept motivating my installation at Kennard Park.

My ceramic installation Silent Spring is an opportunity for the visitor to encounter an environment that might call to mind the fact that over the recent decades our songbirds have diminished in population. I have placed just over 200 shimmering white ceramic objects on the trunks of trees, all silent, yet beckoning for attention. Each object is roughly shaped like a bird placed as thought they are creeping up and down the trees.

Easily missed by an unaware visitor, most of the bird objects are clustered near an almost dry brook or stream. In the stream-bed I have placed a grouping of dark color, ceramic hands. The arrangement of these hands may look like many human hands or, when the water returns they may appear as ripples in water.

My goal is to imply that it is by our hand that our song birds have diminished in population.

Silent Spring

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