Kennard Park Sculpture Trail 2016

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The following was taken from a testimony by a colleague and friend of Frederick Kennard upon his death.

Fred Kennard's interest in birds began in boyhood; his oldest friends

cannot remember a time when he was not interested in them. Like most of

the good ornithologists of his generation, he began by collecting birds' eggs,

a hobby that has started many a great ornithologist on the road to more

serious scientific study of birds. His egg collecting, like everything else

he did, was well done and as near perfection as possible. He was exceedingly

careful in the identification of his eggs and would not have an egg in his

collection about the identification of which there was the slightest doubt.

This site specific installation (A Small Reflection on the Nature of  Frederic Kennard) consists of placing ceramic elements around and on apple tree on the entrance lawn to the Kennard house now home to Newton Parks and Recreation department.

Porcelain forms in the shape of Japanese lanterns will be hung from the tree. These  colorful objects are inspired by the common use of paper lanterns as lighting and ornaments for outdoor events in the era of Frederick Kennard. The images on them refer to orntihological taxidermy projects which Frederick Kennard created and donated to Harvard during his lifetime.

Earthenware black eggs with etched images related to bird species which have become extinct and extant since Kennard's time period will be nestled into notches and and between branches of the tree. The etch-like imagery is inspired by the illustrations used in the publications on studies of nature of the period.

A stoneware bird bath will be placed beside the tree.

Solar lights will  light the tree as dark comes on earlier and earlier as the month goes forward from late August.

A further intention of the installation is to draw viewers to the space and  offer a pause into the experience of visiting the paths and land of the Kennard property.

Charlet Davenport

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