Kennard Park Sculpture Trail 2016

Kennard Park and Recreation | Newton Parks and Recreation | MA


Being surrounded by nature draws me inward. The sounds, smells, color, the touch, are all forms that speak through the mineral, plant and animal life. The world of nature provides us with a perfect harmony heaven on earth. Take a moment and be with all of that nature offers. Listen to that which is around you…notice the little tiny plants and how they connect and contrast with the trees. How the rocks may provide as host to plants and many different creatures underneath them. Notice how the fallen trees can remind one of a carcass and how they serve as homes and food for some living being.

When I was a child, I would spend many hours in the woods, exploring, making and playing house, playing hide and seek, using nature as a pallet for my imagination to come alive. You could not pull me away from my adventure until it was time for dinner¨ on my way home to eat¨ I can remember feeling such a deep contentment from the day. The wonders of nature completely enthralled me.

My art reflects the beauty of nature and how we can appreciate that in our life! I love to make dwellings of nature from nature. Places one can hide, places where one can be content and be more connected to the earth. Places where one can see and not be seen! The mystery of nature. I am intrigued how some walk by a treasure and others may seize it.

Making dwellings for bird’s to nest or a place for them to perch is a great pleasure and honor to provide.

I feel received when they use what I have provided. Also¨ creating a place to sit and be and take in nature is also a gift for a person. Someone who forgets to stop and “be” for a moment. To take a deep breath and release and let go and take in the profound nature that we are so fortunate to behold!

May my art inspire you to go inward and take in the world of nature that surrounds you but allow you to go deeper within your self for a deeper rest to just “be”.

Carolyn Kraft

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