Kennard Park Sculpture Trail 2016

Kennard Park and Recreation | Newton Parks and Recreation | MA




Strata for Kennard Park will consist of layers of materials stacked into a 60” x 60”x 60” cube. Layers will consist of materials such as wooden pallets, firewood, wooden fence posts, tree branches, hay bales, stones, treated fabrics, books, treated newspaper, treated cardboard and other materials. Those materials that could be damaged by rain will be treated with a waterproof coating.


The layers of materials that comprise Strata reference some of the many histories of Kennard Park.

On visiting the park I was attracted to the immediate evidence of the history of the land. I noticed

the apple trees in front of the house as I first came into the park. On a second visit I found an old

well in the corner of the property. As I walked around the park my path was frequently crossed by

old stonewalls clearly dating from a time when the park was used for agriculture. Large boulders

spoke to an ancient geological past.

On reading more about the park I discovered that a section of the park in Brookline had been used

as a town landfill. This lead to the idea that the layers would be composed of both “ natural” and

man made materials and also materials collected on the site. In Strata, the stratification of newspapers, books, sticks, stones, hay, and mattresses is a metaphor for the overlay of experiences, memories, and ideas. Layers of thought, place and time are embodied in the physical layering of materials.


I wanted to find a site for my sculpture that bordered both the cleared and uncleared land with the idea that the sculpture would reference the rocks and trees but also the human history on the land. The perennial garden is a beautiful site suggesting a garden clearing but also the encroaching woods.

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