Kennard Park Sculpture Trail 2016

Kennard Park and Recreation | Newton Parks and Recreation | MA


Color Notes at Kennard
Anne Morgan Spalter, February 22, 2016

Three pieces work together exploring the park with a combination of objective on-site footage, patterned compositions, and abstracted colors.

Digital Wallpaper: The main conference room is wallpapered above the wood paneling with a large-scale kaleidoscopic composition integrating multiple images of the wooded area during winter.

Video Work: A “color piano” video uses the color notes from winter and fall to create an abstract piece that calls attention

to the changing seasons.

Exterior Sculpture: Based on the video, tall rectangular acrylic “keys” of color are arranged in a group. The acrylic has

varying degrees of transparency, with the tree bark and dark green and sky opaque and the ephemeral fall leaf colors

more translucent.


Wallpaper: I took original footage that I shot during my visit in January and picked out colors to emphasize to pallet of each image.

These “lead” colors were then used with a digital paintbrush on top of the image. I then used a custom Photoshop plugin to create the kaleidoscopic patterns. The overall flow of the paper in the room is from cooler tones based on images with more snow, to warmer colors featuring more of the pine needles and sun on the tree bark. I felt that the sensation of turning and spinning went well with the theme of changing seasons and temporarily of nature.

Video: I literally used sections of the wallpaper as a basis for the video. By adding a literal temporal unit and a particle systems effect,

I was able to completely abstract out the colors, and hopefully provide a sense of flowing from one grouping to the next.

Sculpture: The sculpture is a 3D version of a video frame. It returns the art concept into its original environment, and provide another way to experience the underlying ideas. The acrylic color “keys” will be set into the ground with concrete, which will be easy to remove

at the end of the project.

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