Kennard Park Sculpture Trail 2016

Kennard Park and Recreation | Newton Parks and Recreation | MA


Biomimicry Rain Harvester, 2016, Steel, Cast Bronze Rain Chains, Aluminized Steel Culvert, Garden Hose.

Special thanks to Blount Boats, C. A. Brown Casting, and Contech Engineered Solutions.

Biomimicry is a functional sculpture that harvests rainwater. It holds 700 gallons of water and has a hose hook up for use in gardening, a soaker hose can be installed to service a large surrounding area of landscaping without using and taxing our town water. The steel leaf shapes, rain pan and rain chains all assist in the collection and storage of water. The bronze rain chain charms are reminiscent of charms manufactured during the 1930's heyday of costume jewelry.

Biomimetics is the imitation of nature to solve complex human problems. "Bios" is Greek for life; "Mimesis," to imitate. Biomimetic technologies involve biologically inspired engineering at both the macro and micro levels. Biomimetics is not a new idea: There are naturally evolved solutions to many of today's engineering problems.

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