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The Friends of Kennard Park, Inc., a non-profit organization, established in 2015, serves as a corporation to organize charitable, educational, scientific, purposes including, but not limited to supporting and conserving natural habitats, open spaces, and historic structures such as the Kennard Estate for the benefit, use and education of the general public. 

Carolyn Kraft, a neighbor to the park and resident of Dudley Road, has spent many years exploring the Kennard Park with her family and Italian Greyhounds. Carolyn created Friends of Kennard Park in the efforts to restore the beauty and integrity that the park once was and sustain its use and enjoyment for generations to come.  

The Kennard Park is a Newton City owned open space. The Friends of Kennard Park in collaboration with the Newton Parks and Recreation, presently residing in the Kennard Park estate; are happy to be hosting The Kennard Park Sculptor Trail; September 1, 2016 through October, 2016.  Along with the eight-week exhibit, there will be an exhibit opening where all of the artists will be and a presentation of the work will begin. In addition there will be scheduled workshops and talks by some of the artists offered to the public. We will also have speakers presenting on related topics to the park—to be announced. 

The Kennard Park Sculptor Trail, an eight-week art exhibit, was initiated by FKP. Carolyn’s wonderful friend and mentor, Allison Newsome; is an internationally known sculptor and curator of a number national and internationally known art exhibits relating to historical/public sights. Similar to the Allandale Farm Artist's Installation that Allison initiated; it is our hope to inspire the public’s appreciation of how nature and art serve all of us in profound ways. How we, the public, can continue to enjoy the purity that nature offers—inner peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation of ourselves!  We in turn may we ask ourselves “how might I give back to this space?” Whether it be by purchasing the artist’s work or donating to the Friends of Kennard Park, non-profit; these offerings will make a difference to the Kennard Park for all to enjoy for generations to come!

Visit The  Kennard Park Sculpture Trail September 1st - November 11th 

Friends of Kennard Park